4 roles every business needs!

There are 4  roles every business needs ( minimum )  in order to build a solid complete team. As your company grows, these people will form your heads of departments. As Entrepreneurs we often feel like we have to do it all ourselves. This can lead to burnout and juggling so many balls ( poorly ) you not handling any of them very well.

The definition of an Entrepreneur is as follows:

A person who sets up a business or businesses, taking on financial risks in the hope of profit.

Not a one man/woman business band, but a person who sets up a business. It is your job to put these systems in place so you don’t have to. Your business will run a lot smoother with them and one day allow you to replace yourself. Too many Entrepreneurs feel it’s their job to become indispensable. It is not. Your job is to be replaceable so you can move on to your next venture leaving behind a system that works without you.

These are the 4 roles you need to implement to make that happen.

4 roles every business needs

1)  An Attractor

In our article 5 Simple business rules people don’t follow! I explain the three things a business needs to do to make a profit.

Attract ► Convert  ► Fulfill = ☺

You need someone in your team that will draw attention to your business. Think about the people you know. You’ll have some friends are a bit of a wall flower. These people keep themselves to themselves most of the time and when they do go out, they sit in the corner with their drinks and their existing friends. You’ll no doubt have ( or had ) friends that are the life and soul of the party. They bring new people over to your table and introduce them to the group.

These people are your attractors. They gather crowds and keep them entertained. These people often work in sales as they are a natural at rapport building due to their enhanced social skills.

4 roles every business needs - The Attractor

2)  A Facilitator

4 roles every business needs - Facilitator

Now what good is a business that attracts millions of people but has no way to fulfill on their requirements? Unless you’re in Affiliate Marketing all businesses MUST solve a problem. This means fulfilling your attractor’s promises.

Of course it goes without saying if you start an engineering business, you’re going to need an engineer. If you start a bakery you’re gonna need a baker. Whatever your attractor tells the crowd they pull in they will get, you’ll need someone who can deliver on this ( This is kind of a no brainer but you’d be surprised at how many people start a business without the view of providing a service! ).

Again it probably goes without saying the better the person is at this, the more experience they have, the better your chances of success.

3)  A Bookeeper

One of the biggest mistakes people make in business is they do their own books. Not only does it add unnecessary stress to your role but you’re not good at it. Unless you are a Charted Accountant you suck at doing books you just tell yourself you’re good enough because you want to save money. Stop it.

It’s not worth the time you need to invest to do it effectively. You can pay someone $30 an hour to do the job a lot better than you leaving you free to land the big fish.  Zig Ziglar once said “Mowing the lawn is a job that pays $5 an hour, you can earn $5000 an hour doing what you do. The time/opportunity cost just isn’t worth it.”.

4 roles every business needs - The book Keeper

4)  A Leader

Chances are, if you’re reading, that’s your role. You know it well so I don’t need to tell you about it. What I can say about leaders is they tie all the other roles together. If you’re a leader you no doubt inspire, teach and encourage your team to be the best they can in their given roles.

This is a role a lot of people want to do these days but can they do it? It’s a tough job being a leader and not everyone is ready for it. It requires people skills, motivational skills, business skills and team building skills and if this is you then remember to give yourself some credit from time to time as it’s people like you that make all this happen.


One thing you should defiantly  have professionals handle is your digital marketing.

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