5 Steps to Lead Generation Mastery

5 Steps to Lead Generation Mastery

5 Steps To Lead Generation Mastery

Do you have an amazing website but nobody ever sees it? Are you the est kept secret on the Internet? Well you’ve come to the right place. You’re about to find out the top secret 5 steps to lead generation mastery. Hold tight because this one’s gonna get a little deep.

Most people know the formula:

Qualified Leads – Not converted = Sales.

But… How do you get qualified leads to land on your page every day? The problem is there is so many conflicting opinions out there about what brings leads onto a site it’s hard to keep up.

There is however hope, The truth is there is only 3 ways you drive traffic to your site and their are 5 steps to achieving this. First we need to cover a few simple marketing concepts.

Own Media: This is communications channels that are withing your control (to some degree). For example your website, blog, email marketing or Rolodex if you’re offline, all these are communication channels you have some degree of control over.

Earned Media: Earned media is the most sought after form of communication in marketing. It’s the the following you build up from producing quality content online that gets peoples attention. If you create a viral video that gets 500,000 views or more, if you take a selfie and you happen to be looking real fine today and Instagram is all over that shizzle you have earned this media.

Bought Media: This is when you run an ad on facebook or when you pay someone to endorse your product, or send out an article to their lists. It’s not the best form of communication but it works. It can be costly getting started especially if you don’t know what you’re doing.

Shared Media: Shared media or influenced media as it’s some times called is your brand reach. Your ambassadors, endorsers, affiliates and other people who see you as an authority and legally redistribute the media your company has watermarked.


5 Steps to Lead Generation Mastery - Owned, Bought, Earned Media

The only 3 ways you can drive traffic to your media is as follows:

Buy Traffic

Most people know what paid traffic is… Ads! You’ve got three types of ads on the Internet.

  1. ¬†Search based ads: People who’ve searched Running shoes will see an ad for your running shoes.
  2. Targeted ads: You can target ads for all kinds of things now, interests, age, gender even eye color (OMG).
  3. One off/Personal ads: When you pay someone directly for an agreed upon number of clicks or exposures.

All three have their uses an it’s important to know which one to use and at which time.

Borrow Traffic

Borrowing traffic is when you go and find people who already have an audience in a similar niche to you and ask them to have you on their podcast, guest write an article or have them send out an email blast reviewing your product or service. This can be done in a very casual way, this is called joint venture marketing, where you promote them and they promote you or affiliate marketing where they promote your services and you give them a percentage of the revenue you they earn you through clicks, Opt-ins or Sales.

Either way anyone who is going to promote you is going to want something from the process. Whether thats reciprocal marketing or compensation you should lead with “what in it for them”.

Create Traffic

Did you know you can just create your own traffic? You can but it takes a lot of work. This involves finding the places your desired audience hangs out and drawing them in. Remember back in the offline days if you wanted to attract hipsters to your free knitted hats even you had to print out a whole bunch of flyers with mustaches on them that resemble the Art of Manliness and go hand them out in coffee shops that offered free wifi for 8 hours if you buy one coffee?

Well this is the same. You have to go to the places your audience hangs out (digitally) Facebook, Twitter, Instagram ect and offer them something of value relevant to your offer if they come to your site. For example 10 ways to get a beach body this summer!

So lets get into it.

Step 1: Get a place to send them

Theres no point generating leads if you’ve nowhere to send them! You don’t need a website (wait what?). No it’s true you don’t need a website to collect leads. You just need a place to send them that will capture the lead. A simple lead capture page will accomplish this task.

Step 2: Create Social Media Accounts

The biggest social media platforms today are by far Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. In that order. But they are 3 very different platforms. Facebook is very media rich and allows you to pretty much copy your blog posts into your page but remember less is more. Twitter is the king of less is more with its 140 you have to make sure every post is short and to the point. Instagram is for pictures, but don’t think this means you can’t create a call to action, with tools like WordSwag you can embed words and even urls.

It’s best to create traffic at this stage. Find niche groups that your audience like to frequent. If your services is tailor made suits, then post something they would enjoy and gain value from. Once their on your site have lots of options for them to get more free valuable content by joining your email marketing. Be sure to make several variants on your posts to know what works best and stop promoting the ones that don’t.

Step 3: Join Forces

Ok, so this point you probably have enough experience and a large enough audience to provide value to other people doing similar things to you. Find people who offer similar services to you or products that are complimentary to your own and offer them the change to form a joint venture marketing deal. Always lead with what you can do for them. Point out that it may be beneficial for and always be clear to your audience that this new promotion is offered by a third party that you trust.

If you would like to look into creating your own affiliate marketing program check out this article from elegant themes.

Step 4: Speculate to accumulate

At this point you’re rolling. You’re got a good little thing going and you’re leads are paying for themselves. It’s time to step it up a little. Depending your niche and products you may want to go with any of the three types of advertising. Chances are if you provide a service that many people are looking for anyway that isn’t being dominated by big brand such as Reflexolgy, Personalized health and wellbeing or wealth management¬† services in a specific geographic are you might want look into AdWords, my buddy Corey Rabazinski Has a course over at Udemy on Google AdWords for Beginners.

If you offer a product or service that is currently being saturated by the big players such as Nike, Amazon or Alibaba.com then maybe Search based ads is not for you. You should look into Facebook’s targeted ads. A great guy Called Keith Kranc offers a great course on Facebook Ads here.

Step 5: Automate the process

The best way to generate hot leads all day every day is to automate the process.

To find out more about automated lead generation systems, speak to one of our experts today and find out how we can implement an automated lead generation system for you.

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