7 Tips for Building an Audience

7 Tips for Building an Audience

7 Tips for Building an Audience. It is well documented that the best way to sell is to influence, and the best way to influence is to become an authority but how can you become an authority if you have nobody to influence?

This is why you need to build an audience. If you look at the most influential people across all niches right now they have one thing in common. They have a legion of loyal followers eager to receive the latest installment of their high quality content.

But how do you build and audience that you can market to? Well the trick to building a “loyal” following is targeted lead generation and conversion. Here are some tips for doing just that.

1) Social Media

Of course the goal of marketing is to get as much of your audience in what’s known as “Owned Media” but none-the-less spokes of earned and even bought media have their uses.

With facebook admitting that Your free content is only seen by 16% of your followers, it is essential to invest a little bit of money in your social media promotions but be smart, take advantage of Facebook’s demographic targeting, Google’s KeyWord planner, Facebook Insights and of course employ A/B testing in your paid promotion.

Many people only focus on Social Media when it comes to building an audience because it does allow you to connect to many of your fans and address them all at once, but remember your network is distributed and centralized. Your Centralized audience is your owned media (Your customer list, your mailing list ect) and your distributed network is your spokes in your wheel or earned media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snap chat Periscope, PPC ect).

2) Content exchange (Bribery)

One of the best things you can do to get people to sign up to your network is give them free stuff. However often times people make the mistake of offering them poor quality free stuff and the prospect completely sees right through it.

Then they immediately jump off your list once they receive this poor quality content. If you are still developing your network reach and authority people are not going to just want to be on your list.

Maybe GaryVee Could put out some poor content a few times and his fans would still be crazy over him but you’re not there yet. So give them an insight to the kind of thing they’re likely to expect from you when you send them out marketing content. Make it worth their exchange.

Our Optin forms use bright, and Eye-catching  displays with valuable and relevant content for example our Guide to WordPress Hosting, and our very popular 5 Ways Social Media Marketing is Better than SEO.

3) Competitions

Who doesn’t love a good competition, especially when it’s about promoting your business. Get your your existing loyal follower base to show how much they love you by sharing your page, telling their friends about you, making a video testimonial or even consider creating your very own affiliate system.

Make it something you can afford to give away, the last thing you want to do is make them an offer that you can’t fulfill on. So make sure its something you can give away with little to no affect on your bottom line. For example a free information product, a one month free trail, a 1 hour (or half) free consultation and remember always pay your affiliates well.

4) Insider Culture

The late great musician Prince Rogers Nelson had a system for getting the word out about up-coming events and promotions. He would create a new website for example; LotusFlow3r that would give the location of his next gig, or details on when his new album was coming out and where to buy it. Only if you had previously joined his “insider club”.

Now this is pretty easy achieve with some targeted ads, some event promotion and making use of your existing network. Send out across all your networks that they have to be on your list to know about “secret” future launches and events. Than all you have to make ad that says “Our next going to big a big one, it’ll be at….” and blur the location and time with a sign up to find out out under it.

5) Targeted ads

The beauty behind modern technology is that it has allowed us to automate the process of prospecting. You can set your ads to only show to people earning more than $50,000 a year, only fans of business magazine and some sites even offer you the option of choosing their hair and eye color (Woah!).

Targeted ads are every marketers dream and they are only going to get more and more accurate. With some people claiming it could get too invasive. Either way the best way to get the kinds of people you want, in your network is to target them.

6) Collaborate with others

The single best way to get your word out there is to promote other people and to have them promote you! Nothing gets you noticed by people more successful than you than telling people how great they are and nothing gets you noticed quicker than being in a famous person’s video, blog post or social feed.

7) Don’t direct sell to your network

So many people make the mistake of selling to their networks. Yes this is what they are there for, yes this is why you build a network but don’t abuse them. So many people contact us and say “We lost 300 followers in one post!”. Well what did you post? “Please buy this product, you must buy this product, everybody else is buying this product, oh by the way, buy this product”.

Well there’s your problem. You just told your entire network that you only see them as a spam bucket and that they are only there for you to make money from. This is not what having a network is about. Having a network means you have provided enough value, you have established enough authority that people are influenced by you

If you plan to make money of your network do it through influence. Send them to a website through your affiliate link that will provide value to them. Direct them to a blog post that offers advice and by the way, this was the product I used to solve this problem.

7 Tips for Building an Audience

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7 Tips for Building an Audience 7 Tips for Building an Audience 7 Tips for Building an Audience 7 Tips for Building an Audience 7 Tips for Building an Audience 7 Tips for Building an Audience

7 Tips for Building an Audience 7 Tips for Building an Audience 7 Tips for Building an Audience 7 Tips for Building an Audience 7 Tips for Building an Audience 7 Tips for Building an Audience

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