Creating websites that convert

Creating websites that convert

Wanna know about Creating websites that convert?

Creating websites that convert is not as complicated as some people would have you believe. You’ve probably been told you need a website, right? You’ve no doubt been told that if you’re not on page #1 of google then you don’t have a website, right? You may also have been told that if you don’t have a “responsive website” Google won’t index your site, right? Then they will have told you “if you don’t have all of that you won’t make any money”.

Well this is half true. These things are really, really important. Don’t get me wrong. I am not telling you that having a good Google ranking and a mobile responsive site isn’t great but many or the most successful (in terms of conversion) sites on the internet have poor design, aren’t mobile responsive and probably aren’t even indexed in Google.

John Chow; a famous internet blogger had is website banned from google for two years! Cesar Rodriguez’s Heavy Hitter Bootcamp is of poor design and the highest selling amazon affiliate store on the internet, is not index in google. Yet they all generate thousands of hits a month, they generate hundreds of thousands of dollars a month in revenue. Why is that?

These sites concentrate on conversion. They know what works and they also know what doesn’t. They spend a lot of time and money on analytics. On-Site analytics, off site analytics, questionnaires, surveys ect. What do their audience like to read? Where do they like to hang out? What do they like to see when they arrive on your page? What kinds of headlines, images and call to actions are they excited by? Most of they have a database.

Your network is your net worth“. Brand loyalty is the number one thing in the 21at century.If you have 50,000 fans on your facebook eager for your next post or an AWeber Account with more than 20,000 entries you have the power to influence and the power of influence creates sales.

Having good content these days just isn’t enough.

Content is king, but context is god.” ~ Gary Vaynerchuk

Knowing what your audience wants (before they do) and giving it to them is the new model of the internet. If you want to have any kind of success with an online presence, your website needs to be reflective of your audiences needs.

Here at we specialize in creating context driven, audience relevant and more specifically highly converting websites for small and medium sized businesses.

It’s irrelevant where you site ranks in google if no one is buying from you. So what you’ve got 80% of the 1100 people a month that Google “Car decals Gold Coast” but how many of those 880 (yes we can do math too 😉 )did you actually apply a decal on their car in exchange for money?

Talk to one of our experts today and find out more about creating a website that creates loyal followers for life.


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