Marketing Bundle

What am I getting with the Marketing Bundle?

A professional website and marketing system that gets you hot leads in your sleep!

If you choose the Marketing Bundle you we will implement a 24/7 lead generating tool for you. Prospects hit your site, see you’re a boss because you have a great website that shows you have authority and credibility then sign up to your Email Marketing system through one of our powerful lead magnets. Once on the list they will be directed to a page that up-sells them your entry level product and you just made back the cost of driving them there, without lifting a finger.

EmailMarket - Marketing Bundle




Other features include:

  • We’ll write 3 articles to fit your audience*
  • 1 hour free training to help you use our systems
  • Free Domain name for a year
  • Free hosting for a year
  • Responsive
  • SEO friendly
  • High-Conversion

  • WordPress the worlds number one CRM
  • We apply your randing to the theme
  • Anti-Spam Contact form
  • We create 10 pages for you*
  • Google analytics Integration
  • SEO plugin installed and optimized

*One revision offered, you do not have to accept

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